Productores de Yerba Mate de Santo Pipó S.C.L.

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Productores de Yerba Mate de Santo Pipo SCL is a cooperative with 80 years of experience in the market, located in the town of Santo Pipó, Misiones. Our brands Mulita and Piporé are leading the market at south of Argentinean Patagonia, and we have expanded our sales to other regions of the country.

We integrate the ranking of the top ten leading brands and we are the largest exporter of yerba mate, exporting to destinations such as Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Venezuela, Poland, Canada, Brazil and Uruguay, among others.

Properties and Benefits of Yerba Mate

  • Yerba Mate has many properties that benefit the consumers body.
  • When you  drink a traditional mate, a mate tea, a iced mate tea,  your body incorporates vitamins, proteins, minerals, among other components.
  • They benefit your body with diverse effects such as: a high antioxidant power, a natural energy source, among other.

Yerba Mate, a source of

It has B-complex vitamins, which help the body to take advantage of the energy contained in foods.
It contains potassium, essential for the correct functioning of the heart, and magnesium, which helps the body to incorporate proteins.
A powerful antioxidant:
It contains polyphenols, that act as antioxidants. Antioxidants combat the oxidation action of free radicals which are responsible for many illnesses and premature ageing.
Energizing Effect:
Due to mateine, active compound that belongs to the group of the Catequines, Yerba Mate is a natural source of energy that stimulates the intellectual and physical effort.
Reduces Cholesterol:
Saponins, which are in the Yerba Maté infusion, reduce the amount of Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) in the blood.

Yerba Mate contains

Yerba Mate contains
Pantothenic Acid (B complex) in higher concentration than the renowned royal jelly. This acid "maintains an adequate amount of adrenaline in the bloodstream, regenerating cells and nervous disorders marked effect on digestion. Contributes to the fixation of phosphorus is essential for nerve cells and has a significant beneficial action for memory and brain against fatigue“.
Vitamin E in high proportions, effective in regulating sexual.
Hill, indispensable to the liver and the regulation of blood cholesterol, plus numerous minerals such as sodium, iron, Lithia and vitamin C in high proportions.
Properties which greatly influence cellular regeneration such as:
Blood purifier, the presence of oxygen in its high chlorophyll content.
Chlorophyll, yerba mate contains only chlorophyll directly assimilated by the human body (in other plant cell is enclosed and not soluble in the human digestive system) which when combined with iron and other minerals in the yerba mate provides the body with essential elements for good nutrition and protects against many diseases.
Methyl xanthine, mateine similar to caffeine but more powerful, but with the advantage of not producing nerve palpitations. Produces a higher concentration and greater resistance with the high content of vitamin B1, B3 and C to give the mate a neurotropic exceptional condition and stress. "

All this information is supported by

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